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This drink is very good, one of the drinks that we highly recommend

Casa Adela

12 Jul 2021
Sabor da vida-,
Brazilian pizza w/ cheese, chicken, green peppers, bacon, tomato, onion, corn, ham, palm of heart, mushrooms, pepperoni, egg, green and black olives, brazilian cheese, brazilian sausage

Pao Da Vida Bakery

01 Mar 2021
menu 1`-,

Ivan Ramen

13 Jul 2021
Kids Ramen-,
A special ramen sized for kids *Get one bowl of Kids Ramen free with every adult ramen purchase! *For children 8 and under *Brooklyn Location Only

ICHIRAN Times Square

12 Mar 2021
Menu 1 disini-,
ini adalah deskripsi dari menunya

Lamia’s Fish Market

24 Sep 2021
Chicken Teriyaki Box-,

Garlic To the Chicken

24 Mar 2021
Vegetable Antipasto-,
assortment of marinated and grilled vegetables

Fresco by Scotto

01 Sep 2021
Mildly spiced crisped seasonal turnover (choice of vegetable, potato, chicken or beef)

Agra Restaurant

12 Aug 2021
market vegetable preparations from our antipasto bar

da Umberto

23 Jul 2021
Dozen Oysters Chef's Choice-,

Sel Rrose

03 Aug 2021
Lychee Fizz-,
Reyka Vodka, Lychee Juice, Lime Juice, Lejay Cassis, Mint, Ancho Reyes spray

The Flatiron Room

22 Jul 2021
Melon con Jamon-,
Melon wrapped in Smoked Italina Prosciutto

Buenos Aires

01 Aug 2021
Dozen Wings-,

Holy Schnitzel

13 Oct 2021
RC Crispy Rice & Spicy Tuna-,
teriyaki glaze & spicy mayo

Reserve Cut

08 Aug 2021
choice of soup or salad

Le Midi Bar & Restaurant

22 Jul 2021
Salade Cesar*-,
traditional caesar salad

Bistro Cassis Manhattan

03 Aug 2021
Edamame served warm with cracked sea salt

Jewel Bako

16 Aug 2021
Steak & Eggs-,
Grilled sirloin steak, 2 eggs any style

Bocca Di Bacco (Chelsea – 20th St.)

22 Jul 2021
Seasonal Fruit Cup-,
Tupelo honey

Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya

12 Oct 2021
Grilled Kangaroo Skewers (4)-,
Tamarind BBQ Sauce, grilled rare & dusted with Cashews

The Australian

15 Sep 2021